chirp - command line tool providing explicit control of a Chirp server.


chirp [options] [hostname] [command]


chirp is a tool to connect and manage a Chirp server in a similar way to an FTP client. chirp allows connecting to a Chirp server, copying files, and managing directories, auditing node etc...

Here are some important chirp commands:

  • open <host> Connect to a Chirp server.
  • close Close connection to current Chirp server.
  • get <remotefile> [localfile] Copy a remote file to local storage.
  • put <localfile> [remotefile] Copy a local file to Chirp server.
  • thirdput <file> <3rdhost> <3rdfile> Copy a remote file to another Chirp server.
  • getacl <remotepath> Get acl of a remote file/directory.
  • setacl <remotepath> <user> <rwldax> Set acl for a remote file/directory.
  • ls [-la] [remotepath] List contents of a remote directory.
  • mv <oldname> <newname> Change name of a remote file.
  • rm <file> Delete a remote file.
  • audit [-r] Audit current Chirp server.
  • exit Close connection and exit Chirp.

chirp also manages Chirp tickets for authentication purpose.

  • ticket_create [-o[utput] <ticket filename>] [-s[ubject] <subject/user>] [-d[uration] <duration>] [-b[its] <bits>] [[<directory> <acl>] ...] Creat a ticket
  • ticket_create [-o[utput] <ticket filename>] [-s[ubject] <subject/user>] [-d[uration] <duration>] [-b[its] <bits>] [[<directory> <acl>] ...] Creat a ticket
  • ticket_register <name> [<subject>] <duration> Manually register a ticket with multiple Chirp severs.
  • ticket_delete <name> Remove a ticket.
  • ticket_list <name> List registered tickets on a Chirp server.
  • ticket_get <name> Check status of a ticket.
  • ticket_modify <name> <directory> <aclmask> Modify a ticket.


  • -a,--auth=<flag>
    Require this authentication mode.
  • -d,--debug=<flag>
    Enable debugging for this subsystem.
  • -i,--tickets=<files>
    Comma-delimited list of tickets to use for authentication.
  • -l,--verbose
    Long transfer information.
  • -t,--timeout=<time>
    Set remote operation timeout.
  • -v,--version
    Show program version.
  • -h,--help
    Show help text.


  • CHIRP_CLIENT_TICKETS Comma delimited list of tickets to authenticate with (same as -i).


On success, returns zero. On failure, returns non-zero.


To connect to a Chirp server using chirp:

% chirp
chirp> (enter more commands here)

To copy a single local file using chirp:

% chirp put /tmp/mydata.dat /mydata/mydata.dat

To get a single remote file using chirp:

% chirp get /mydata/mydata.dat /tmp/mydata.dat

To create a ticket using:

% chirp get ticket_create -output myticket.ticket -subject unix:user -bits 1024 -duration 86400 / rl /foo rwl

To register a ticket with other Chirp servers:

% chirp ticket_register myticket.ticket unix:user 86400

To delete a ticket:

% chirp ticket_delete myticket.ticket

The Cooperative Computing Tools are Copyright (C) 2022 The University of Notre Dame. This software is distributed under the GNU General Public License. See the file COPYING for details.