vine_graph_log - plots TaskVine performance logs.


vine_graph_log [options] vine-perf-log


vine_graph_log is a script to plot some of the statistics from a TaskVine log, as generated by vine_enable_perf_log from the C API, or by q.enable_perf_log from the Python API. It assumes the availability of gnuplot.

vine_graph_log generates four plots, all with timestamp as the independent variable:

time: timestamp, total_send_time, total_receive_time, total_transfer_time, and total_manager_time. (The last two generated by the script, not in the log.)

time-log: log-scale version of times, plus total_execute_time.

tasks: total_tasks_waiting, total_tasks_running, total_workers_connected, total_workers_busy, and total_cores

tasks-log: log-scale version of tasks, plus total_complete_tasks.


  • -o <prefix-output>
    Generate prefix-output.{time,time-log,tasks,tasks-log}.<output-format>. Default is <work-queue-log>.
  • -o <prefix-output>
    Generate prefix-output.{time,time-log,tasks,tasks-log}.<output-format>. Default is <work-queue-log>.
  • -c <gnuplot-path>
    Specify the location of the gnuplot executable. Default is gnuplot.
  • -r <range>
    Range of time to plot, in time units (see -u) from the start of execution. Of the form: min:max, min:, or :max.
  • -T <output-format>
    Set output format. Default is png. If "text", then the gnuplot scripts are written instead of the images.
  • -u <time-unit>
    Time scale to output. One of s,m,h or d, for seconds, minutes (default), hours or days.
  • -h
    Show help text.


General use:

% vine_graph_log mylog
% ls mylog*.png
mylog.tasks.png mylog.tasks-log.png mylog.time.png mylog.time-log.png

Plot up to the eleventh hour:

% vine_graph_log -u h -r :11 mylog
Generate script text:

% vine_graph_log -Ttext mylog
% ls mylog*.gnuplot
mylog.tasks.png.gnuplot mylog.tasks-log.png.gnuplot mylog.time.png.gnuplot mylog.time-log.png.gnuplot

Specify gnuplot path:

% vine_graph_log -c/some/dir/bin/gnuplot mylog


  • Some formats need a special setup for their gnuplot output terminal. -T blindly passes the output format

The Cooperative Computing Tools are Copyright (C) 2022 The University of Notre Dame. This software is distributed under the GNU General Public License. See the file COPYING for details.